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All of the Consultants at RB Recruitment have extensive and in-depth knowledge of the industry they are recruiting for, having previously worked in that sector themselves.

This affords RB Recruitment a unique position in the provision of quality permanent and temporary staff across the banking, finance, accounting, insurance, mining and corporate services sectors.

All Consultants are trained in the methodology of competency based interviewing

To ensure a streamlined and quality service for our clients, we follow our recruitment methodology to ensure that candidates and clients receive an exceptional level of service at all times.

Job Specification

One of our consultants will take a detailed job specification either via phone, email or face to face visit. For new clients, we will insist on meeting you so that we can really understand your business and feel confident in finding the right person to suit your culture and meet your specific technical needs.

Should a visit not be viable due to the location or the urgency of role, we will conduct an in-depth meeting over the phone, possibly utilising Skype or other technologies. For urgent temp roles, phone or email is best so that we can start working on the role as soon as possible. The information we will be seeking includes:

  • Role specifications
  • Qualifications and experience required
  • Software experience required
  • Salary expectations and other benefits included
  • Reason for vacancy
  • Opportunities for career progression
  • Start date / duration of contract


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Candidate Referral / Asking for Referrals

RB Recruitment’s reputation in our chosen sectors has enabled us to compile and maintain a large candidate database. Many of these people have been referred to us by existing clients and candidates. Likewise, we are able to contact our networks in the marketplace to ask for referrals once we have received job briefs, especially for those roles seeking highly specialised talent.

These relationships provide us access to candidates who may not be actively looking for a new role and therefore wouldn’t normally be on the market. All applicants that we maintain on our database have completed the registration process, signed a Privacy Consent Form and have been interviewed by a consultant.


The registration process involves:

  • Signing of Registration and Privacy Consent Form
  • Interview – we personally meet each candidate to determine their requirements and suitability for available positions
  • Skills testing – tailor made skills testing software designed for specific roles
  • Aptitude and Psychological testing – administered when pre-determined with client
  • Reference checking – detailed process with a minimum of two references from  previous direct managers made available for our client to review.

We will assess all current candidates on our database to determine if we have any  suitable for shortlisting, therefore expediting the process and alleviating the need for advertising.


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In conjunction with the database search and referrals from known contacts in the market, we can advertise utilising different mediums to attract high calibre candidates.


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Shortlisting Candidates

After conducting the resume and telephone screening process, we will invite candidates for face-to-face interviews. All consultants are trained in the methodology of competency based interviewing. 

This method of interviewing ensures a structured and standardised procedure that allows each candidate to be measured against identical criteria and thereby eliminates, to a large degree, the influence of discriminating and variable factors.


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Skills Testing:

At this time, your consultant will also administer computer based skills testing or for more Senior Management roles, we are able to utilise:

  • McQuaig General Aptitude Testing
  • McQuaig Temperament Profile
  • Acer Advanced Testing
  • Position specific role plays
  • Other testing available on request

These reports enable RB Recruitment to ensure employer expectations and candidate credentials are matched every time

Please contact us today for more information about our testing facilities.


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Reference Checking:

RB Recruitment conducts 2 verbal reference checks, with direct supervisors where possible. These reference checks are always performed prior to candidate advancement as we understand they are critical in establishing, amongst other things, on the job performance, reliability and suitability.

We will then forward the shortlisted candidate’s file to our clients for consideration. As the client, you are able to inform us about which candidates you would like to interview which we will arrange at a mutually suitable time. RB Recruitment will not waste your time – If we can’t find candidates who are right for the job we’ll tell you. We appreciate that you’re busy so we won’t waste your time with candidates who don’t precisely match your criteria.

We will utilise all of our resources and talents to find you the right person in a timely manner!


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Offer of Employment

Following a decision by our clients regarding the successful candidate, RB Recruitment will make contact with applicants to inform them of their success or otherwise.


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Placement Process

Once a candidate has commenced in their new position, regular contact is made with both client and candidate to ensure organisational and motivational fit.


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